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We have successfully developed new super high speed aerator TA-55HH and TA-66HH . High RPM, fast oxygen transfer, durable parts and power saved determines the value of aerator

2009.05 TEAM introduce new high efficient and power saving diesel engine long arm aerator TA1210D.
2008.10 We are happy to inform you that we have developed new aerator TA202 series that create high areation efficiency and save power.
2008.07 We have successfully developed new patent water-breaking impeller. Water-breaking impeller is the further improvement of existing adjustable. Due to the water-breaking and parabola design, the power consumption is low and more economic. Please find it's characteristics as connections.
2007.04 Always remeber the purpose of our famring.
2007.03 The efficacy information of water treatment VC-7 updated.
2006.09 TEAM AQUA evolved strong water current and fast aeration machine Swift Air Injector TA-22.
2006.08 TEAM AQUA announces high dissolved oxygen machine.
2006.08 TEAM introduce new high efficient deep water aeration machine D.O. Diffuser TA-20.
2006.03 TEAM AQUA evolved high dissolved oxygen machine cyclonic aerator TA-10, TA-15 and new type High D.O. cyclonic disk reducer TP-R05 for paddlewheel aerator.
2006.01 Fish Feed & Shrimp Feed data and information updated.
2006.10 Water Treatment data and information updated.
2005.08 Aerator data and information updated.
2004.12 TEAM introduce new product DSD is a new technology of biological feed additive.
2004.11 TEAM introduce new product VC-7 for vibrio control and ammonia and nitrate minimizing.
2004.09 TEAM announces high speed economic aerator TA-24 and new improved air injector
2003.04 Hawaii SPR Vannamei has become the main stream of shrimp culture.
2003.01 New tendency of shimp aquaculture is spreading, Hawaii SPR Vannamei Save The Shrimp Industry.