New Type High D.O. Reducer
Cyclonic Reducer


Brand Name: TEAM

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  1. High quality cooper inlay reducer produced by professional CNC lathe for perfect central balancing and smooth performance.
  2. High density cast-iron case for long lasting operation.
  3. High speed cyclone for high D.O .
  4. Strong diffusing force create much higher D.O. by at least 80 % from the surface to the bottom continuously.

Benefit of High D.O.

  • 25 % of oxygen is used by the brain
    of animals.
  • Oxygen is directly related to the operation
    of self-control nerve system.
  • Oxygen enhance the hormone secretion.
  • Oxygen stimulate animal immune system and
    enhance disease recovery ability.
  • Oxygen soften the disease outbreak and increase restoring force.

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • Guarantee/Warranty
  • Product Features
  • Product Performance

(for the first time operation )

  1. Thousands of very fine bubbles are diffused and remained in the pond water as they are all small. When bubbles come up to the water surface, they also bring dirty materials up.
  2. Diffusing operation create strong aeration and also quickly stir the water from the bottom to the surface.
  3. During the short period of dirty materials decomposition and precipitation, fish and shrimp may get stressed although the environment is improving, stop feeding is required in this period of time.
  4. No need to use too many unit of cyclonic aerator in a pond. The recommended standard number of aerator in a one-hectare pond is as follow: 4 units of 1HP paddlewheel aerator + 2 units of 1HP (1HP/60HZ, 1.5HP/50HZ) diffuser. while the stocking density is 50 pcs / M3.
  5. The diffusing disk may touch down the pond bottom in case the water is lower than 20 cm. Turn off the aerator before the water come down to 20 cm during harvesting.


1:18 / 1:13 ( TA-12CH )
1:21 / 1:15 (TA-12CH )