Maintenance Instructions

        "Sharpen our knife first for clear cutting"- a Chinese proverb tells us using the best tool is a must for excellent job performance. Paddelwheel aerator is the life- line for successful farming. Herewith we address tips for maintenance as follows:


  1. After each harvest, sand off and brush away the rust on the surface of motor and repaint it. This is to prevent corrosion and enhance the heat dissipation.
  2. Make sure the voltage is stable and normal when the aerator is in operation, this is to prolong the life of motor.


  1. Replace gear lubrication oil after the aerator being used for the first 360 hours and once every other 3.600 hours later. This is to reduce the friction and prolong the life of reducer. Gear oil No.#50 is being used and standard capacity is 2.2 liters. (1 gallon= 3.8 liters)
  2. Maintain surface of reducer as that of motor.

HDPE Floater

  1. Clean off the fouling organisms on the floaters after each harvest. This is to maintain the normal submergence depth and optimal aeration.


One Year Warranty

We provide repair and/or adjustment service for one year from the date of delivery  (B/L) against defects in workmanship and materials subject to the following requirements :

  1. Motor damage by high/low voltage and /or short of electric phases which is incurred by power is not covered.
  2. Part damage caused by buyer's failure to replace the gear oil of the reducer as detailed it the clause entitled "Maintenance Instruction" is not covered.
  3. Evidence of impact and/or mishandling, tampering, chemical corrosion,
    uses contrary to the applicable operation and/or installation instructions,
    or damage resulting from repair performed be other service shop..