Characteristic Feature

   1. SYNTHETIC Aluminum / Magnesium ELECTRIC MOTOR

Lower power consumption
at least by 0.2A than cast-iron motor. Much faster heat dissipation at least by 30% than cast-iron motor. Real round shape Silicon Steel Sheet that current of each electric phase is equal and stable. Stable performance with high coil for low working temperature.

ach blade of the 8-blade impeller can be adjusted in three different ways from a minimum position, when the water current can freely flow to a position where maximum water current and splash is generated according to the desire of the user.

Water-breaking impeller is fully interchangeable to existing adjustable one. Existing adjustable impeller will be still available for maintenance purpose.


ater-breaking impeller is a further improvement of existing
adjustable impeller for power saving and high aeration. Lower power consumption due to the professional water- breaking and parabola design. Splash is higher by 22- 55 cm, wider by 11 cm and faster by 23 -39 RPM that create strong water current and super aeration. Water-breaking impeller will be used as standard impeller for all models since Aug. 1st, 2008.

   4. PLASTIC BEARING (Patented)

he synthetic Rubber Sleeve is mounted to this bearing
horizontally without problem of slippage and practically
minimal resistance against continuous friction.


he HDPE floaters, made up of high grade virgin plastic resins, are one piece blow molded. These are able to withstand against acid or alkaline water conditions and can tolerate extended hours of exposure to sunlight and the elements with suffering any cracks or water seepage problem. Each floater is individually tested under strict standards before shipment. Rubber like in design, three floaters give the aerators excellent stability during operation.