Calculation the unit of aerator should be used in the shrimp farm    

         The most easy way to calculate how many unit of 1HP (TA-55, 2 impellers) paddlewheel aerator to be used in the
shrimp pond are as follow:

  1. According to the stocking density. 8 units of TA-55 should be used in one hectare pond when stocking density is 30 pcs per square meter.
  2. According to the expected harvesting ton. If the expected harvest is 4 tons per hectare. 4 units of TA-55 is needed to be used in the pond, which means 1 unit for 1 ton.
  3. The D.O. needed in the pond water is 8 PPM and the water flow speed
    is 15 cm per second.

         Besides, in order to obtain a good management, it will be the best to divide the project operation in to 3 portions as follows:
For example,

  • A 15 hectare shrimp project.
  • Three portions: A, B, C
         Manpower of the project can be educated to do different works according to the progress of pond operation with food efficiency.